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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Real War Strategies?
I just saw "Fahrenheit 9/11" and it's a good movie. Of course, I'm an anti-war, anti-peace fundamentalist, so I don't really have an agenda to pitch. Just watch the movie and decide for yourself.

The Americans have the Power of Innovation. Hell, we convinced ourselves we were fighting terrorism in Iraq, talk about being innovative! We're the cause of terrorism in Iraq! The terrorists that attacked us aren't there!

War in Iraq... or War on Iraq? Is there a difference? If we're at War on Iraq, we're fighting them, and we just declared ourselves the victors... then why are we still fighting? If we're at War in Iraq, we can't declare ourselves the victor, we actually have to be victorious. So, to make things understandably simple, we're not at War on Iraq, but at War in Iraq.

The Iraqi's have the Power of Dying Slowly. Out-manned, out-gunned, out-everything, but look at what they've managed to do to. We're really losing out on our +3 resource bonus here. What is it, do they have uber micro or something? What's going on?

Anyways, forget the reasons for the War IN Iraq, forget the whole political, economical, or personal agenda. How the hell are we supposed to win the War if it was like an RTS game like RoN: T&P?

First, get a General. A real General, not a decoy-like one we have now (or at least get an upgrade for goodness sake). We need the extra armor bonus, and "Forced March" is a great ability. We sacked their Capital, that was good. Now it's time to raze their buildings and leave to heal and recouperate our forces. Let them pick up the mess. While they're building their defenses at their Capital again, they're leaving themselves defenseless on their edge-cities. It's a good time to occupy those cities now. We know we can't hold their Capital, this is a Conquest game, it's not on Standard settings. We know the "entrench" ability is pretty much useless. There should be no reason why we should entrench ourselves there.

By taking their outer cities, it forces them to spread their forces to recapture them. That's fine, we let them get their cities back one-by-one. We retreat, gather our forces, and "tech" up and boom. By "teching", we leave surveillance material on the ground and in important physical structures to monitor their movements and plans. This is where we get a Spy and use the "inform" ability. In five or six years, they'll feel like retaliating, and we'll know who and when things will take place.

We've got our army still, and our econ is capped while they're still trying to build their Granaries and Lumbermills. They'll see that they can't win, so they'll resign.

What is actually going on now is we're straggling our forces into the enemy occupied territory and getting decimated (like sending in Foot Archers to raid Militia). We're not booming, and we're not razing their buildings after we take what we want. Instead, we razed their buildings before taking their cities, wasting valuable time. What the hell happened to strategy you say? Well... it looks like our Military Leaders are just noobs.

Anyways, just remember, strategy is what Real-Time Strategy games are supposed to be about. You can have the Americans in T&P and still lose to the nerfed Maya without a good strategy. The reason we have Strategy is because it's important! Even in real life! The difference being you can't complain about the imbalance and have it "fixed" before you decide to play the game. =p

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