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Friday, July 09, 2004

Russian Passive-Aggressive Boom
The Russians are a funny lot. What had made them powerful at first was the fact that their Capital getting taken gave them +500 resources, and none to the enemy. However, Despotism counters it by letting the Capital taker get the +500 resource bonus. This means that the Russians are once again trying to find a way to buy time in the beginning.

After a few runs of Russian Strategy, I've come up with the Russian Passive-Aggressive Boom (RP-AB). The advantages of the Russians are:

1. Double Attrition
2. Good Border Push
3. Free CIV 1 Research
4. Bonus Damage to Siege and Supply Wagons with Cavalry Units
5. Cheaper Spies

The disadvantages:

1. Slow start
2. Slow economy
3. Slow defense against an aggressive Classical/Medieval Assault

Well, since those are the disadvantages we need to get past with the Russians, here's the simple approach. Instead of building Cities forward like other Nations, build sideways. Yes, that's right, sideways. 2nd City goes sideways, 3rd City goes sideways on the other side, and 4th City goes sideways.

I'll start with the Build Order: Research SCI 1 and then COM 1. Build the 2nd WoodCutter's Camp where you're going to build your 2nd City sideways. Build your 2nd City. Cap your economy at +100. Go to Classical. Immediately build your 2 Universities. Research COM 2. Research MIL 1. Build a few mines. Build your Senate at your original Capital and then research Despotism. Raze your Senate. Research MIL 2. Go to Medieval. Build Temples at both of your Cities. Research CIV 2. Build your 3rd City sideways. Research SCI 3 and then MIL 3. Go up to Gunpowder. Build your Senate at your original Capital again if it's safe while you're researching up to Gunpowder Age. Research Democracy. Raze your Senate again. At this point, keep booming passive-aggressively, or start building an army to attack. You should always reach Gunpowder Age before the 14 minute mark. *Update: Research SCI 2 either before SCI 3, or before going to Medieval. It all depends on if you're raiding with your units or not.

The Russians with their attrition have one good thing going for them... no one can rush them without a Supply Wagon or Despotism General. Until the enemy gets Despotism researched, there's no need to build a Stables or Barracks. This gives you time to boom up to Medieval Age. When you get attacked, see what the enemy has for units. If he has HI, build FA. If he has Catapults with his Despotism General along with FA and HC, just build LC and HC. Ambush your units, kill the Siege, and retreat. Repeat until you have enough military units to take out the Despotism General and let his units eat attrition dust.

Since your buildings are equally far away from your Capital, build your Military buildings there. Never build siege until you're in Gunpowder or Enlightenment Age. The purpose of the weird start and sideways building is to buy you time. Only an early assault will kill the Russians. Don't waste your early Timber on Temples, don't waste any Timber or Metal on Siege Shops or Siege.

Anyways, the RP-AB has proven pretty effective. Although they weren't the best of games, I've posted the last 4 RP-AB games at RonU.

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