Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Bantu Fast Gunpowder
I haven't played in a while and am writing this without even having tried the strategy. So use it at your own discretion.

The best way to use the Bantu is by going SCI1 MIL1 (the exception, of course, is on certain land maps with fishing available at the start, where SCI1 COM1 might be better off), and getting a Barracks up with 2-3 LI. With their Barracks units moving 25% faster, you get a better chance getting to Ruins before your opponent does.

Anyways, after that, getting CIV1 and 2 Cities up right away is a priority. Don't worry about border pushing, just make sure you get good resource areas. COM1 should be researched while those Cities are being built.

Go up to Classical Age. Your Library should be at 1/1/1/1. If done right, you should reach Classical Age by 4:00 minutes with your Food/Timber capped at +100.

Of course, you can do the usual Classical Raiding bit, but I want to offer an alternative strategy. After all, once people start expecting Classical Raids all the time, it's fun to just go for the conventional boom while your opponent is building up his defenses.

When in Classical Age, build your 3 Universites and 2 Mines. Build extra Markets if you have enough Timber. Don't build your Senate yet, you won't need it. Make sure you're scouting your enemy, because once you see signs of HC/HA raiding parties coming your way, or an army of HI, you may have to alter your strategy. Once you're done scouting for ruins, start Merchant raiding with your LI.

Now, saying your opponent has 2 towers, you should know he's not going to commit to a fast offensive. With your Wealth, start making Scholars. When you have enough, research COM2. Begin capping your Food/Timber/Metal at 150. This should be done easily since you're not spending 160 Food for CIV2, 90 Food for MIL2, 70 Food for Despotism research, and you save 120 Food from having cheaper Cities. That equates to a fast +150 including Metal.

Go up to Medieval Age. Your Library should be at 1/1/2/2. If done right, you should reach Medieval Age by 7:00 minutes with your Food/Timber/Metal capped at +150.

While going to Medieval Age, start selling your Food, Timber, and Metal at good market prices and keep making Scholars. Once you get 300 Wealth and 300 Knowledge, research SCI3. Build your Senate now. Research CIV2. Research Despotism, this will cheapen your next two military researches.. Research MIL2 and MIL3 respectively while upgrading your University research. Sell your Metal to buy Food. Build your 4th City, delete your 1st Barracks and start building 1 Barracks, 1 Stable, and 1 Siege Factory in your 4th City.

Go up to Gunpowder Age. Your Library should be at 3/2/2/3. If done right, you should reach Gunpowder age by 10:00 minutes with your Food/Timber/Metal capped at +150.

At this point, research Democracy at your Senate, and COM3 at your Library. Upgrade your LI and HC, but you don't have to start making them right away. Build your Granaries, Lumbermills, and Smelters and fill your Farms, WoodCutter's Camps, and Mines to reach your +200 economy cap. You can now start queuing up your army at your 4th City and continue to boom. All this under 12:00 minutes.

This does leave you vulnerable in the beginning, but remember, you need to raid your enemy's Merchants with your initial LI, and you need to scout your enemy for signs of army build-up. Plus, you don't want to forward build your 3rd City. Your 2nd and 3rd City should be Sideways and Forward built, not Forward and Forward.


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