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Monday, September 27, 2004

Cost Effectiveness of Ruin Finding with 2 LI
A player should be able to find at least 6 Ruins with the Scout alone.
A player should be able to find at least 2 Ruins with a Citizen.
A player should be able to find at least 4 Ruins with 2 LI (6 Ruins if Citizen isn't used for scouting).

Doing the math, with each Ruin giving 50 Resources, that's roughly 600 Resources from Ruins. On any given map, there should be around 24 Ruins in a Small map. That's about 50% of the Ruins you end up getting. This is the least amount of Ruins a player should be able to find with any Nation going against the Spanish or Iroquois. A player doing a SCI 1 MIL 1 research for a Barracks and 2 LI with a Nation like Inca will still make it to Classical at 4:00 minutes with 1/1/1/1 and +100 econ. However, unlike a normal 4:00 Classical time, you have 2 LI and a Barracks already made, plus denying the enemy from picking up Ruins you might never have gotten.

For many Nations, the 1st LI costs 40 Food and 40 Timber. The 2nd LI costs 41 Food and 41 Timber. Finding 4 Ruins makes up the cost of making those two units. I understand that time is an issue, but if you utilize the ability to manipulate Ruins to get the resources you want, you end up speeding your ability to maximize your economy to +100 and going to Classical Age.

The important thing is denying your opponent from getting more Ruins than you do. Especially if they're Spanish or Iroquois. The difference is extreme. If you don't go with 2 LI, you may only find 6 Ruins while the Spanish or Iroquois find 18. That's 3 times the amount of Ruins! If they're smart, they'd be able to get SCI 2 researched after their first 4 Ruins. Meaning the next 14 Ruins will give them +75 Resources per Ruin, meaning a total of 1250 Resources from Ruins while you end up with only 300. If they're Spanish, they get even more!

So, you can cut down that amount they get all the way down to 800 or even less, while you get 600 or even more. Therefore, it's best to go SCI 1 MIL 1 with 2 LI scouting when going against Spanish or Iroquois. Over 80% of the games I play to win, I start this way, even if the opponent isn't any of those two Nations. On 2vs2 or 3vs3 games, the maps will be bigger, and there will be more Ruins. So definitely do it in team games. I once had +2000 Ruins in a 3vs3 game as the Greeks, and ended up making it to Enlightenment Age in 14:00 minutes on a non-fishing map.

Remember, in vanilla RoN, Spanish was the #2 Nation behind the impenetrable Maya. In T&P, Iroquois is regarded as the #1 Nation in a recent poll. The only thing these two Nations have in common are their Scouting abilities for Ruins.

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