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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Russian Cossack Raiding
UPDATE: Cavalry does +25% damage to enemy supply and artillery units for the Russians. However, I looked up on the official website for RoN and found this little tidbit:

"Players who love raiding will send forth Cossacks, aiming for "soft targets:" the citizens, trade caravans, and other civilians across the border."

My guess is that Citizens, Caravans, Merchants, and Supply Wagons are considered "soft targets" and because of this, the +25% damage extends to all of the above. However, this would mean their HA/HC should get the same bonus, meaning deadlier raiding ability for the Russians?

If you ever reach Gunpowder Age with the Russians, try this out. First, you needed to have researched Despotism and then Democracy. Upgrade your Light Cavalry to Cossacks, and make 8-10 of them. Now use them to raid with your Senate General. If you have a Fort and can upgrade your Strategy Techs, then do so. If you also have a Granary, upgrade your Health Techs.

I know you're thinking, raid with Light Cavalry? El_Capitan has lost his bonkers!

Well, try it out, you'll see that they'll kill Citizens with the Militia upgrade in 3-4 hits whether they're Militia or not. I'm not exactly what it is. I don't know whether or not they have more hit points, do extra damage, have more armor, have a faster attack rate or what, but all I know is, that I've always raided with them and no one has ever been able to do anything about it.

Other LC's besides maybe Egyptian LC's die to them, HC's die to them if outnumbered 5:3 with the Senate General healing them. Plus, it's easy to micro 10 LC's to kill straggling units trying to run after them. HA's are useless against them. They can even take out HI's with the Senate General healing them... not to mention they can easily run away to raid elsewhere. Arquebusiers and Foot Archers don't work. TC and Tower fire don't damage them enough. What can one do?

I guess I never raided with them much in vanilla RoN because they didn't have a Senate General healing them in enemy territory (only with Versailles) or neutral territory. I'd say the only way to stop the raiding is to kill the Senate General, and then let attrition eat away at them while using LC's to attack them until you can get to Enlightenment Age and get Minutemen and Fusiliers.

Have fun with it! Now that it's out there, don't complain to me about it. =p

P.S. I've tried raiding with Egyptian and normal LC's in Gunpowder Age, and they didn't have as good of an effect as when using Russian LC's. Someone might want to try some tests with them out and see what's up.

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