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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Skipping a Generation... random thoughts
I've been thinking (oh really?), yeah, I've been thinking, and I thought of this. Everything skips a generation. From people, to movies, to games.

My brother for instance, looks like his grandfather, and has his same demeanor.

Star Wars "A New Hope" was good, but Empire Strikes back was awesome, but Return of the Jedi was so-so.

The Godfather Part I was great, Godfather Part II was incredible, but Godfather Part III just makes me want to cry.

From Blizzard's WarCraft II to StarCraft to WarCraft III (I'm leaving out the original WarCraft because it's not so memorable). Or, I could put it as WCI, WCII, then WCIII, and leave SC out for the eventual SCII and SCIII... whatever.

From Ensemble's Age of Empires to Age of Kings to Age of Mythology. Again, I can put it as AoEI, AoEII, and AoEIII which is yet to come, but that means AoEIII will still not be as good as AoEII. Putting AoM's future AoMII as a future big bang.

From MicroProse Software, Inc's Sid Meier's Civilization I, Sid Meier's Civilization II, to Firaxis's Sid Meier's Civilization III. Okay, you've gotten the hint by now.

I guess it happens with all trilogies; it starts out memorable, it turns into something great, and then it ends in a disappointing fashion. Is it just because we know it's the end? What happens when the 4th addition comes along? Will it fizzle out like Rocky IV and Superman IV?

Anyways, just speaking my thoughts. Plus, Big Huge Games has possibly got a hit coming with their 2nd game if things go right. If not, then this post is bunk.

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