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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Taking Away Nation Bonuses
A topic/poll started at RoNU made me think of a topic I never really got into before. It's about taking away Nation bonuses.

Anyways, everyone seems to vote on the Iroquois as being the strongest Nation. I, however, remain adamant that it's the French or Romans. The reason for this is because the French and Romans cannot have their bonuses taken away from them. The Iroqois can have their Ruin bonuses taken away as long as their opponent goes with a SCI 1 MIL 1 start with 2 Slingers helping to scout for Ruins. You can effectively cut down ~1000 resources from Ruins to ~600 for the Iroquois, while gaining ~200 extra resources from Ruins yourself. Not only that, you protect yourself from early Iroquois raids. The same strategy can be used against the Spanish as well.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of Nations are strong, but how they're played against is what matters most. Thinking after the last Tournament, I am glad I got beaten for such lousy playing on my part. It should be a "given" to go SCI 1 MIL 1 to scout with 2 Slingers when going against Iroquois, and not raid. There's no reason to Ancient Age raid the Iroquois, it's actually suicidal. In Classical Age, if you're going to raid the Iroquois, bring your scout and raid in larger groups of units instead of individually.

The Nubians are a strong Nation, but raiding their Rare Resources take away their bonuses. The Americans who rely on Barracks units can have their bonuses taken away by just raiding their Barracks Military instead of their Citizens (injuring them makes them have to garrison, losing out on their extra resources),

So when you play against a Nation, one of the things you should be thinking of is how to take away any of their bonuses. Naturally, you can also think of how you can utilize your own bonuses. The French for example, on Himalayas, can easily push their 2nd City forward instead of sideways since they can get enough Timber within safety of a City, and then their 3rd City forward to get in good control of the map and eventually take the enemy's forward 3rd City.

However, certain Nations cannot have any bonuses taken away from them. One of them is the French and the Romans. Sure, you can take the Roman City and call that taking away their bonus, but you'd have to be a lousy player to lose a City with the Romans before anyone reaches Gunpowder Age.

Hope this gives some of you some insight how to think strategically, as well as how to direct your thinking towards making it harder for the other player to gain the upper hand by what Nation they use.

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