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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Third City or Take City, That is the Question
There are three benefits of researching CIV 2 and having a 3rd City, but when those benefits are needed are up to you.

1. If you have COM 2 researched, you won't be able to cap your Food to +150 without a 3rd City unless you're on a fishing map or find a good couple of Rares that give Food. Nation exceptions: Americans (with Barracks military), Japanese, Egyptians, and Bantu.

2. If you are on a map such as Great Sahara or Great Lakes, border pushing to the middle of the map to gain access to critical Timber and Fishing Lakes is important. For instance, on Great Sahara, if you have COM 2 researched, most of the the time you won't be able to cap your Timber at +150 without a 3rd City unless you find a good couple of Rares that give Timber. Nation exceptions: Americans (with Barracks military) and French.

3. Wealth is an important factor since having COM 1 and 3 Cities allows 2 Caravan routes, or with COM 2 and 3 Cities allowing 3 Caravan Routes. If there is fishing available, then Wealth from Caravan trading isn't as important. Nation exceptions: Americans (with Barracks military), Inca, Egyptians, and Romans.

Now, by not researching CIV 2 and building a 3rd City if you're not the Bantu, you save around 254 Food and 110 Timber. Unless you're the Koreans, Persians, or Turks that save on Food, that's a lot of resources that early in the game. Meanwhile, if your opponent has built a 3rd City, that's 254 Food and 110 Timber spent. The difference between the both of you is 508 Food and 220 Timber. That's a tremendous difference! EDIT: Not to forget that once you do take your enemy's 3rd City, they will have to build another 3rd City eventually which will cost them another 110 Food and 110 Timber. Ouch!

Ultimately, the decision is, do you want to build your own 3rd City, or take your enemy's 3rd City?

Naturally, you'd both equally have an advantage on a fishing map, but on a non-fishing map, you'd have an advantage as the Americans, Japanese, Egyptians, Bantu, French (on Great Sahara), Inca, and Romans. That is, if you were going to try and capture the enemy 3rd City.

Nations such the Spanish and Iroquois have an advantage due to their early Ruin gathering that trying to take their 3rd City early would nearly be impossible, and it would most likely be that they would end up taking your 3rd City if you built one, instead.

I would advise not needing to build a Siege Factory for Catapults unless you're the Turks or French when trying to take an enemy's 3rd City.

Okay, let's recap:

Good Nations to build a 3rd City before your opponent does on a non-fishing map: Americans, Bantu, Iroquois, Koreans, Persians, Spanish, and Turks.

Good Nations to take an enemy 3rd City instead of building your own: Americans, Bantu (can build their own 3rd City and still take their enemy's), Egyptians, Inca, French, Iroquois, Japanese, Romans, Spanish, and Turks.

How to do it? Doing a 1/1/1/1 is better than a 0/1/1/1, because starting out with a SCI 1 and MIL 1 Barracks start for Ruin gathering is always best if you plan on attacking early and preventing early Classical raids. The best way to go about it is building a FA first to scout your far corner, a HI to scout your near corner, and then a Slinger to scout your enemy's far corner, while your Scout scouts the middle and your enemy.

Once you get to Classical Age, build 1 University only. Build your Senate and research Despotism. When possible, research COM 2. Focus on defending early from raiding and buiding mines to get your metal going. Start building HI's and a few FA's to defend, and then once you research MIL 2 and a Stable, start your attack. Reinforcing your army with HC's and HI's.

Once you take the 3rd City, build your 2 Caravans, and keep on the offensive. Instead of just waiting there with your army, split it and flank half of it around to raid your enemy's Capital. With your other half, protect the 3rd City while capping your economy and aging up accordingly by building Universities and creating Scholars. Your enemy should be low on Food, so expect HC's and FA's to come your way instead of HI's. To prepare, build a few LI's to protect your HI's from FA fire.

By the time you take your enemy's 3rd City, both of you should be in Medieval Age. Don't worry about your enemy going to Gunpowder soon, he won't have enough resources as long as you keep attacking. Meanwhile, you have two choices:

1. Keep raiding with your army and boom to Gunpowder Age to start your attacks then.


2. Start building a few Trebuchet's to try and take out your enemy's 2nd City while reinforcing your army. Concentrate mainly on a HC and HI army still.

The game should be over in your favor.

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