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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

El_Capitan's Turk HI/Militia Assault
This game isn't dead as far as strategy goes... not while I'm still around. I came up with a new strategy featuring the Turks and tested them against WH_LordAOF. I figured I had to come up with something fun after having been away a while. Go to RoNU to download the games.

El_Capitan (Turks) vs. WH_LordAOF (Rdm- Lakota).rcx

In this first game, he doesn't know what I have planned yet with the Turks, so he raids and does a fast Classical assault on my Capital with the Lakota. I mess up plenty, even losing my Capital for a while by not paying attention. However, I go for a full push to take out his military buildings, his 2nd City, and a final push towards his Capital.

El_Capitan (Turks) vs. WH_LordAOF (Rdm- Germans).rcx

This follow-up game, I tell him I'm doing the same basic attack, and to prepare for it. He does at his 2nd City, making the right counters, even making Militia himself. It's still not enough to stop 7-8 HI and 24 Militia with 4 Catapults taking down everything.

Basically, do a SCI 1 CIV 1 build order and try to pop cap your economy at +100 for Food and Timber. Get rares if you can, and your 1 Caravan going. Research COM 1 and a Market right away to do so. While you're eventually capping, research MIL 1, and then go to Classical. Build a Tower as soon as you can using your 100 free Metal. Build your Senate, and a University. Research COM 2 while going Despotism.

Research MIL 2 while building a Barracks. That's all you'll need. Make your mines and fill them up, you won't need much. When you have about 5-7 HI, upgrade your HI. Spend your Wealth on Scholars. Gather all your Citizens except 5 on farms, and then build 2 Siege Factories while on your way to attack. Turn them all into Militia and send them along with your Catapults to the nearest enemy City (or sneak a ways to the Capital). Meanwhile, keep making Citizens by selling all your other Resources for Food. Place the Citizens on Farms first, then Metal, then Timber. Food's most important.

You should be able to go up to Medieval. Once you do so, upgrade your HI ASAP. You should have taken the enemy's 2nd City by now. With fast Turkish assimilation, build another Barracks, and a Siege Factory. If you want, build another Barracks, even. You'll have plenty Food and Metal for constant production. Keep making HI from the new Barracks and keep pressing the attack.

The game is pretty much over. This strategy utilizes every bonus the Turks have. Cheaper Citizens = larger Militia force. Cheaper MIL research = quicker assault. 2 free Siege for every Siege Factory built, plus extra range takes down buildings extremely fast. Faster Assimilation makes it easy to quick-build by turning Militia into Citizens and making more military buildings to forward the attack, or making Towers and/or Forts to occupy the City and hold it.

Good luck, and have fun!

P.S. Don't try it against the Romans. =p

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