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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Lakota One-City Assault on African Wateringhole
Go to RoNU to see the recorded game.

Basically, a One-City Lakota Assault on African Wateringhole. An advantage if you're Lakota, and doubly so since I picked Random and he didn't know I was Lakota before the game (you should automatically Kamikaze Rush a Lakota player).

Do a SCI 1 COM 1 start, and send 1 Citizen to build a Docks right away. Find any good Timber area, and cap your Timber to +100. When the Dock is finished being built, start making fishing boats to cap your Food to +100 while getting at least +40 to +50 Wealth.

Research MIL 1, build a forward Barracks with the Citizen you used to build your Dock and make 2 HI while going to Classical Age. You save 168 Food by not having to research CIV 1 and a 2nd City. What you want to do with your 2 HI is prevent your opponent from building a Dock. Once you're in Classical Age, build a Stable near your Barracks, and the Senate at your Capital. A market is optional, and there's no reason to build a Temple. Build a University though to get COM 2.

Research MIL 2 before or after you research Despotism. It's up to you whether you want to go heavy on raiding. I instead decided to get my Metal up and start making HI while doing some light raiding.

Of course, it's a very risky strategy, but as long as no one is set to Kamikaze Rush you, you're pretty safe. On a side note, as I told I_Tiger, on African Wateringhole, don't build your 2nd City directly towards the lake. There will always be a good patch of trees and mountain in a diagnal direction.

It's not the best of games, but worth trying if given the opportunity. Plus, note the use of Ambushing the HI party to take the Capital. It will buy you some time since it will take 5 seconds before your opponent can react to the situation to build or send his FA over.

GL and HF!

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