Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Monday, November 01, 2004

El_Capitan's Chinese Instant Citizen Rush
Chinese Instant Citizen Rush: SCI 1 as usual, but create as many Citizens as you can. You'll most likely end up with 6-8 new Citizens. Send 6 of them towards the direction of your enemy in a spread formation to get the most out of their scouting path. Send two, one each, scouting your corners. Send your Scout ahead of your Citizens to see if a 2nd City is being built. At your Capital, build a Farm, and a Citizen afterwards to fill it, and then your Scout and Citizens will be finding Ruins to give Timber or Food. Fill up your economy as best you can. Research CIV 1 and continue with your usual build order trying to get CIV 2 before Classical Age. With those 6 Citizens, as long as you're not rushing into Russian attrition, your plan is to find the enemy's forward 2nd City and kill the Citizen and any that follow from finishing it (you can also raid any early Merchants at Rare Resources). Once your job is done, you will probably have CIV 2 researched, and can send your Rushing Citizens back to build your forward 3rd City.

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