Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Monday, December 13, 2004

The real kicker isn't the Ace of Spades...
"You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time." -- Donald Rumsfeld



Let's not digress into the political arena this time, since that can read in the articles mentioned above. However, let's discuss this as to how it would pertain to Rise of Nations. To be short, he's wrong.

In RoN/T&P, an army that is upgraded one age above you are has a 33% bonus advantage over your own. A Senate general in your army increases the armor bonus of the units in it's area. It can be upgraded to provide more by one of your Fort techs with MIL 3, 5, and 7. Gunpowder Infantry gain a bonus when firing in rocky areas, and Calvary gain 50% flanking damage when attacking from the rear, and 100% flanking damage when attacking from the side.

To not utilize any of those bonuses is just plain dumb. When your enemy has an upgraded army one age above yours, you shouldn't attack. Garrison and run away while you can catch up in age to upgrade and then attack. If you're the Romans, research MIL 3 in Classical Age when pressing your attack so your General gains the extra armor bonus. If you're the French, you want your Senate General with your army since it will provide healing in enemy territory, along with a few Supply Wagons in case it gets killed in battle (a smart opponent will target to kill your Senate General when given the chance, so remember to protect your General or have it run around your army). If you see a patch of rocky territory when engaging an attack, focus your attention to get your LI onto that area. If your enemy does not have any garrisoned Cities, Towers, or Forts behind his army, go ahead and spend 2 extra seconds flanking around, either using a General's Ambush or Forced March abilitiy. An ability I like to utilize is the Decoy abilitiy. Decoy your main army, and before you start your attack, have all your decoys flank around your enemy, and have it assault the Capital City. Your opponent will temporarily be distracted, and will send it's units to that area leaving it's frontal cities defenseless until he realizes the initial attackers are decoys.

There's a reason throughout history for commanders to maintain and hold hills in battle. It's a good defensive base, and easy to scout enemy movement. When the opposing armies charge up a hill, they want to make sure it's near sunrise or sunset. If they charge up at high noon, the sun will be shining on their eyes as they charge up blinded by the glare. Those holding a hill should plan on bringing up large boulders to roll down as enemies charge up, and muddy the dirt with water if able. Those little tactics can mean simple victory. Thus, if you ever plan to charge up a hill to fight a battle, don't.

In short, you should go to war with they army you plan to have, not one you get stuck with. If so, then don't go to war.

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