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Monday, December 27, 2004

What the patch 2 beta better be?
Well, whaddaya know? I downloaded and installed the Patch 2 Beta last night and played two 3vs3 games. No out of sync's! Now, that's what the beta better be... stable, and it is.

Maybe not quite, there are still some router problems for non-DMZ. I still can't join any games, but I was able to host and start 2 out of 3 games. The 2nd game crashed while loading, but the 1st and 3rd games went smoothly. There was also an oddness when hosting, I had a different game version listed than the one shown at the bottom left of the screen. Who knows what that's all about?

As far as the games went, the 1st game was a very fun warm-up game and the 2nd was a no-holds barred I'm back type-of-game. I haven't played for a couple of months, and it showed. I would have posted the games, but I don't think they were recorded for some odd reason. I'll have to look again, but I don't know why the beta patch would turn off recorded games by default.

The first game I'm the Koreans and do a Delayed Power Rush with Militia against an American who didn't go SCI 1 MIL 1. It turned out to be a 2vs3, and a very fun one at that. Remember, I'm rusty. =p

The second game I'm the Aztecs against a British on my near side. It ends up being a 1vs1 on my side, and I start off by LI raiding along with HC, continuing to raid a couple of Rares on their side (I did my Aztec LI/HC raid strat). Building the Terra Cotta Army in Medieval Age while later on attacking in Gunpowder Age with my opponent still in Medieval and me only having one Barracks as the Aztecs with over 1000 surplus resources while going to Enlightenment... I'd suffice to say that I'm still in decent form.

Which brings me to the new style of gameplay I foresee in the near future. Many of the previous powerful Nations were strong particularly at the start of the game. With many of those starts becoming nerfed, the strength of other Nations who have a very strong middle game are now contenders.

I feel that the French, Romans, and Americans are still strong, with Iroquois settling into the rest of the pack. The Aztecs and British rise up to the challenge with the Dutch and Nubians being decent contenders. The balance may not be perfect, but it's getting more difficult to see any clearcut winners. Expect a slower gameplay, and more strategies using the Republic line of government. EDIT: Actually, I've tried Republic, and it really needs a buff. I'll still be picking the nerfed Despotism over Republic any day.

When the patch goes mainstream, expect a few new strategies from yours truly. Good job so far beta players! Keep it going.

P.S. Turn Window's Firewall off. I did, and have no problems joining now.

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