Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Saturday, January 22, 2005

A Few Things To Note...
First off, this season's "The Apprentice" with the Street Smarts vs. the Book Smarts looks to be a good one. I'll wager on a Street Smart person to become this season's Apprentice. The reason for this is because the Street Smarts will work together better and thus eliminate a majority of the Book Smarts.

As far as politics go, I support G.W. Bush in our efforts to dominate the rest of the world! Muahahaha!

Finally, things look like a definite go for the QMT Tourney. I'll keep things updated as to when everything will be ready as far as sign-ups. I want to keep most of the details secret until the website is finished where it will explain everything. Just be patient! All I can say is that I will be separating the experts, intermediates, and rookies so everyone will have a good time.

Now, for those practicing for the future event, here's my thoughts on what players should look out for with this new patch.

1. Foot Archers are slightly more expensive due to the lower Despotism bonus. While this also affects Heavy Infantry, HI doesn't cost Wealth. Here's the thing about HI vs. FA. HI can take down buildings, and their only real counter unit is the FA. Each time a sub-unit for a FA is taken down, the longer it takes for the FA to take down the HI. Now, there are 3 units that counter FA... HC, LC, and LI. Since LI are pretty useless before Gunpowder Age unless you're Chinese, let's focus on HC and LC. Cavalry units don't have subunits, so no matter how damaged they are, they'll take down FA at the same rate, plus they're faster units to micro with to retreat from HI. Therefore, a Classical/Medieval assault with a large force of HI, HC will be the predominant first major attack.

2. Planning ahead is the key to victory. A very strong strategy is the quick Classical Raid to Assault. In order for this to happen, you want to make sure you go SCI 1, CIV 1, COM 1, then MIL 1 Classical. Build a Stable when you hit Classical Age while you research MIL 2. Don't build the Senate or any Universities yet. Build a HA and HC in that order. If your opponent doesn't reach Classical by the time you have your HC, keep building HA and a HC when appropriate. If your opponent reaches Classical before you have your HC, stop building HA and just make HC. Save your Timber to build a Barracks and your Senate for Despotism, and make your 2 mines and fill them while you're raiding and keep building HI. You want to make sure your enemy builds a LC to counter your HA, because you should be making HI to raid with your HC with your Despotism General. A great raiding party is 2 HI, 1 or 2 HA, and 2 HC with a Despotism General near your enemy's Capital. While you're raiding, your next research should be COM 2 for a 150 assault using mainly HI, HC, some FA and a catapult or two depending on your resource and market trading from selling Timber. Your enemy has to fend off a raid at his Capital, and an assault at his 2nd City with a continuous stream of HI and HC. His economy will be poor.

3. Defending a quick Classical Raid to Assault can be simple, but it all depends on the amount of Ruins you are able to find. If you decide to go SCI 1, MIL 1 Barracks to get 2 LI to help Ruin scout, make sure you get the Ruins in the right order. First, you need to make sure you fill your Farms and Timber as close to +70 as you can. If possible, make sure your first Ruin is a Wealth Ruin. While getting your 2 LI, save enough for a Temple. When it's finished, you should have 120 Wealth. Your next Ruin should be for Food to research a quick SCI 2. Then research CIV 1 and COM 1 Classical. If your opponent reaches Classical Age before you do, build a Stable near your 2nd City when reaching Classical Age, and all your wood gatherers at your Capital for a Tower near or between your Timber and Mine. Build a LC from the Stable and instead of raiding back, build your Senate and Universities. You should research COM 2 and then MIL 2 in that order while building a force of HI and HC to mount an attack. Micro your Citizens to garrison into a City or Tower. You should only garrison Citizens that are capable of getting hit by a HC or HA into a City. For a Tower, only the Citizens that are getting hit. Your slower Classical time and defensive ability should enable you to make a quicker Medieval time to mount an attack. Don't worry about making Scholars to get to Medieval Age, 2 Universities and some Rares should be fine. Before you mount your attack, bringing 3 HI and 2 HC with your Despotism General to raid your enemy's Capital should be fine to distract getting one of your opponent's Cities in Medieval Age.

That's it! Good luck and have fun!

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