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Monday, February 28, 2005

3 New Strats: Fast Classical Raid-Disrupt, American One-City HG, and Lakota Classical Blitzkrieg
I played 4 games last week, 2 each trying a new strategy... and a few games last night. I hardly play, so I'm still rusty, and the strats still need refinement. However, they're pretty simple.

Fast Classical Raid-Disrupt (download at RoNH):

This one is really simple. If you know your opponent is going to do a Fast Classical Raid, the best thing to do is make them spend Timber and Wealth in Ancient Age. So the Disrupt is to go SCI1 MIL1 with a Barracks. If you're the Romans or Aztecs, just build a Barracks right off the bat. You'll have to play around so you get Timber (mostly by building a 2nd WoodCutter's Camp really fast) to research SCI1 later. Build a FA and 2-3 HI, or 3-4 HI. Have 2 units raiding the enemy Capital's Citizens gathering Timber, and the other 1 or 2 raiding the enemy's 2nd City's Timber gatherers or Farmers.

The enemy will either garrison his Citizens for a very long time, or build a Barracks and a FA or two. Either way, they're slowed down while you go for a 1/1/1/1 Classical. Use your raiding units to scout for any Barracks built, and try to stop it from building. City fire doesn't hurt HI very much, so unless your enemy also does a SCI1 MIL1 build, you've got them slowed down and hurt. While in Classical, you can start building HA/HC/HI raiding parties until you decide to do a direct assault.

For defending against it, just don't panic. =p

American One-City HG (download at RoNA):

This you can really only do if you're on a fishing map like Great Lakes or Australian Outback. Go SCI1 COM1 Classical, remember to save 200 Food and 200 Wealth to get the Hanging Gardens immediately in Classical Age. Build a University to fill up, and the rest of your buildings. If you straight out boom, you can reach Gunpowder Age at around 10:00 minutes on a bad starting land with a good-sized army.

Lakota Classical Blitzkrieg:

The plan for Lakota is get to Classical as soon as you can, try to cap at +150 as fast you can, and stay in Classical to end the game as soon as you can. They can be the quickest to reach a +150 Classical time. However, they need either fishing, or Wealth rares.

If you get fishing or Wealth Rares, do a SCI1 COM1 MIL1 Barracks with 2 FA and all Ruins for Food build order. No 2nd City. Go to Classical while raiding with 2 FA. Build a Univerity, Senate, and Mine. Research COM2 Despotism Stable and MIL2. That's as far as you'll need to go. Meanwhile, try to cap at +150 for Timber, and at least +80 for Metal. Sell your Timber for extra Wealth, but not too much. Start out making HI to raid with your FA. When your enemy keeps making FA, that's when you switch to making HC/LC while still making HI. The early raiding coupled with a fast +150 economy leaves your enemy in the dust.

Good luck, and have fun! Remember, I didn't have time to refine the strats, so they aren't polished. However, if someone as rusty as me can do it, so can you.

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