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Friday, October 24, 2003

Expert micro technique
So it took forever to get everyone in the room and actually start the game, but we finally got this big 4on4 game going. 3 TWCs, 2 RUs, 1 BLUT, Sea Biscuit and me. Huge Himalayan map, we were all random nations and random civs, but ... HEY! The TWCs all decided last minute to team up together. Meanies. Anyway we commence to playing. The game is un note-worthy and the recording goes out-of-sync because of people dropping, but I post it here so you can see some examples of TWC_Shadowz awesome micro skills. Despite being behind economically and having a smaller army, he manages to slow, and eventually stop my assault using exceptional micro with spies and commandoes. I manage to capture his 4th town near the middle and start to drive him back as we progress through 2 more ages. Shadowz slow sme down enough to build up a sizable force and then counter-attacks, sending in commandoes to snipe and spies to convert. Using this technique, he completely wipes out a small infantry force from Raven. He also manages to win virtually every engagement with me (although he lost a town and a bunch of military buildings). The funny thing is, I had almost TEN commandoes in my force. Even with rapid clicking and CI, the spies manage to convert a lot of my units.

Anyway, if you want to learn to play REALLY well. Watch this game, and watch Shadowz technique with the commandoes and spies. The game goes OOS, so if anyone of the other guys has a complete version, post it up. I had to bail cuz the wife showed up, and we were well on our way toward winning. But who knows...

The key is obviously to wait until the main forces are engaged and then send in the commandoes and the spies after that. Against Raven, Shadowz uses the commandoes to snipe Raven's generals and then the infantry get converted and killed. Very nasty.

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