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Friday, October 17, 2003

Micro tips from Apollyon
Apollyon's starting to post some good stuff now (I must be gettin' to him!) Here's a great technique that I can start using now that I got a new rig. MicroManage Tip #1 -- The Draw: exploitation of unit AI
I might as well give you guys some few remaining secrets for winning games -- this one is called 'the draw.' Alot of credit goes to shadowz as well since after that spanish to mongol pounding back in july made me rethink once again about the myth of the auto-counter AI which led me back to my early days of micro management.
We use to do this all the time in AOE and AOK. It's pretty standard stuff in RTS games; but in RON, you can manage unit stances so the person that keeps their troops on the default aggressive stance will end up losing his forces to tricks like this. Great post, Polly!

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