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Friday, October 03, 2003

RON Challenge @ 13:19
Another lower time for the RON Challenge game has been posted. Enlightenment Age clicked at 13:19. The game is posted at Carch's Site o' Fun, although you might need to wait until he approves it. I used the SCI2 -> CLASSICAL build. This time, I researched the remaining science techs before getting the rest of the other stuff. Also, an early MEDIEVAL + SCI4 is helpful because the university techs really help out. I also did not build a smelter. Selling metal is not useful that late and the resources are better used elsewhere. While the end time of this game makes this artificial - I would normally build a smelter - that's not pertinent for this exercise. Here I'm trying to find the best early build order (i.e. level 2 techs) for long-term play. Smelters come at SCI3.

For those who want to try it, download the save game here. You have to put it in your save game folder, play it, then post your game and time and what build you used. RON Challenge Game

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