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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

The sad tale of the MFO RON Forum
HalfLotus posted on the MFO Forum
MFO serves as the designated troll/loser forum. RoNH is for the community. ^^
Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to agree with him.

As one of the original members of MFO, I helped build that place into what it is. Or rather what it was. It used to be a place where the hardest of the hardcore went to post and discuss, nay argue, strategy and tactics. Now, at least in the form of the RON forum, it is where bitter ex-players come to taunt new players and people who are actually taking strategy forward.

I've been monitoring the RON Forum board for months and there hasn't been a decent strategy post here in a long time. It's all going on elsewhere. And that's pretty sad, because MFO used to rock. And it rocked because of the people that were members of the community.

Now the MFO RON forum is a tired old hag. But it's a tired old hag because of the community. The community of losers who think it's more fun to deride people than it is to help them get better at a complex game. Someone mentioned different personalities. But some personalities are just a cancer. I'm not going to name names, but I think we all know who those cancers are. Back in the day, those cancers would have been banned, or at least put on probation, pretty quickly for their behaviors. But back then, MFO was a different place.

A better place...

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