Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Spotlight game: Out4Blood vs. _RU_Raven
Illustrative example why you shouldn't talk smack. Mr. "We all FRiggin know how to do the rush and how to the counter it [sic]" Raven gets it handed to him by ... *GASP* ... an ancient rush. It's not like this was a big surprise given the big argument over at Heavens Forum. I didn't even bother going after his capitol (which was undefended BTW). Instead, I used the technique I alluded to in this early post on resource equalization during rushes, whereby you constrain the enemy by hitting their expansions. To top it all off, he displays his true colors by "ungracefully" dropping from the game as I begin killing off his classical army. Game is here or at Carch's site. Should be available soon. Thanks Carch!

UPDATE: So Raven tracks me down in a game room and says to me, "So you're making a fool out of me now?" I reply, "No, you're making a fool out of yourself." Then he starts spamming "hahahaha," so I kicked him.

UPDATE II: Game is available at Carch's site now.

UPDATE III: Raven responds on Heavens Forum:
I knew 04b was gonna brag (what a bitttch), I knew this guy thought he was ubber leet when he started talking about beating seven toughest ai (sigh) kids today...
Whatever happened to gaming etiquette? Like saying "gg" before resigning. Or "You beat me fair and square, but I'll get you next time!" And is it now the standard to end a game you're losing by disconnecting? As for bragging, the game was going to get posted win or lose. If I lost, it was going in the "How to defend against the rush column," and if I won, it was going in the "Resource equalization during early rushes column."

UPDATE IV: Raven makes nice:
O4b I dont wanna get into a argument or a big deal (seeing as you already have) I lost, I acted stupid, I didnt do the right thing, you obviously have this thing down to a science, I hope you had fun, Gg if I forgot, I didnt disconnect on purpose Btw, I got a pop up that lagged me out (but your probably thinking I'm making excuses) end of story, take your article off the site and end this...geeeez
Well, "GG" to you as well, Raven. I hope we get to play more games as exciting as this in the future!

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