Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Monday, November 24, 2003

Big Huge Bug Feature: Do decoys count as units for purposes of ramping costs?!
Polly pointed out a potential bug where decoy units impact ramping cost calculations. Spad comments:
When i tested with with polly i had 4 muskets, then used the general and made 4 decoys. The price to make a 5th musket with 4 muskets already made was around, 76/66. After i decoyed the price jumped up to 96/88. Decoys count as units as far as price, so beware!!!
When I tested this, there was no impact, but Polly says:
You may be at price cap when you used them. Try again. (after a certain about of units produced the price does not increase).
LOL. I never noticed that there was a cap on ramping costs after a certain number of units. So what is the cap number for each unit type? Might be worth knowing. Looks like we have some additional testing to do on a couple of topics.

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