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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Flamethrowers inspire some flaming
Raven has some reading comprehension problems.
You guys probably don't know this but Knight and O4B said flamethrowers are useless...
Here's what I actually said:
So what the heck are Flamethrowers supposed to do? The AI makes these guys all the time in SP, but I have yet to (consciously) make these in a competitive MP game. Wouldn't you rather just reduce it with artillery instead of attacking the garrison? I mean, we are talking industrial age here... Does anyone make them, and if so what do you use them for?
I hope everyone notices, I was asking what people use them for, which is far different from saying they are useless. At any rate, he does offer a pretty interesting use for flamethrowers.
In modern/indust age, coupled with a general and a couple scout cars, sneak into emeny base until you find a unveristy, flame it!! and Out come to scholars, now fry/shoot them, kill those nerds!!
Of course, I have never seen this in a game nor a recording, so it's apparently only theoretical at this point. But it sure sounds like a great idea. Or does it? Tann counters with this:
I dont see the point to take his scholars...when all you need to do is send in a small force of a flamie, 5-6 specforc and some machine guns....dont forget the general this will take down a city in seconds...then you can have all the buildings....not just the uni.

UPDATE: Polly weighs in with The Answer.

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