Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Sunday, November 16, 2003

GrudgeMatch game: O4B vs. niDe
niDe asked to play. I told him Wifey was home and no sound so I "can't play serious." Instead, I suggested a 2v2 game where we give a +10 skill handicap. That takes about 5 min with us winning. So much for skill level -- maybe I shouldn't rush. Anyway, he says we oughta play 1on1, so I figure, what the heck... Koreans (him) vs. Chinese (me) on small Old World. Game is available at MFO.

We both start out about the same, excpet he does SCI2, CIV2, while I do SCI2, COM2. My raiding goes nowhere. His kills off my 2 merchants. He attacks me early, but I defend and hold him off, gaining ground on him economically. We trade one of my cities for a bit in Enlightenment and Industrial Age, but I finally recapture it and that pretty much ends the fight, although we battle into the Modern Age. He did more killing and managed his army better, but I had a larger econ and that ends up winning in the end. (It's easier to focus on the macro stuff with no sound.)

Interesting thing one of the observers pointed out is that I only had 2 universities (he had 4 I think). I guess it was because I didn't need that much knowledge. We were doing so much fighting from Classical on that there weren't enough "other" resources to need lots of knowledge.

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