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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

GRUDGEMATCH! -- O4B vs. WhiskeyPete
Game is here (MFO)

So WhiskeyPete tracks me down in the unrated lobby and says he wants to challenge the "blogmaster" himself. Despite wifey being home, I agreed to play, even though that meant playing with the sound off and some light key stroking (no banging on the keyboard obviously). niDe and WP both asked me why I don't just use headphones. Well, the noise isn't really the issue. It's the playing that's the issue. To keep from getting caught playing, I have to have the sound low. I can't use headphones because I need to be able to hear her sneaking down the stairs. So slightly handicapped, I hosted up a game and we commenced to playing. It was secret random; he chose Koreans and I chose Chinese.

I hit classical not too long after him and raded a bit some HA. He fended me off with LC. Although I killed some villagers and caravans. It did put me behind in getting my 3rd city up. With a presumed slight econ advantage, I pressed the boom, getting to Medieval and putting up both the Colossus and Pyramids. I made a fort and sent a spy to to make informers in most of his cities. Meanwhile, I kept pushing on the econ envelope, crusing along. Then I realized I still hadn't made much military. At that point he attacks my weak middle area with a large force. I tried to slow them down but they pressed right on through my troops. I made it to enlightenment age and upgraded for the counter attack, but not before he managed to sack my main econ city - the one with the Pyramids. I took it back and destroyed hsi army. He managed to slip away 2 cannons and a supply cart. Those managed to bring down the Colossus wonder before I could kill them off.

So the game settled down into a slugfest in the middle, where he had a strongpoint which was flanked on one side by an expansion town of mine. My poor micro kept me from managing my troops properly and so despite a larger econ, I was unable to capture his forward city. I'd about had enough trnech warfare, so I went industrial and built the SOL. He followed me into Industrial but beat me to Modern. Neither of us was making any headway. However, I wasn't too worried because I had informers all over his territory and could see his troop strength. I was making just enough to prevent him from breaking through. Eventually I reached the Info Age and made a bunch of Apache helicopters who tore up his defenseless ground troops. I also attacked on the wing with a small raiding force to capture a flank town. With his army gone I managed to finally capture that forward town. He resigned once I started lobbing shells onto his capital.

So despite the sound handicap, I managed to eke out a lucky win and maintain blogging rights for another week. GG!

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