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Monday, November 03, 2003

New Roman Strategy
HalfLotus has posted his latest Roman strategy over at the Rise of Nations Heaven Forum
This is a very aggressive strategy that uses quick raiding, fort border pushing, an early general, and sieging of economic targets while steadily increasing your knowledge rate to stay even or ahead in the tech race. Its main strength is keeping the opponent off balance and it takes advantage of bonus Roman wealth and cheaper forts/towers. It works best on land maps in 1v1.
It sounds like a fun strategy -- we do enjoy our border pushing -- but I'm always leery of building forts and towers on the border. They make great siege targets. And since the Roman player is investing in forts and towers, the other player should be able to afford a couple of catapults in response. Toss in the troops to defend them and what's the poor Roman player to do? Nevertheless, this may be something I'll try between Chinese games.

By the way, this is a good example of how you should right up new strategies and techniques. Start with the nation bonuses and then design the build to complement them. Here he inverts the normal order of CLASSICAL and SCI2 because he feels he's got enough wealth built up.

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