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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

OT: Kasparov vs. X3D Fritz -- Game 1 analysis
The Official X3D wesbite has this analysis of Game 1. The game ended in a draw, but it was an exciting draw, with Garry being up the exchange, but the computer with more active pieces.
Garry Kasparov came and he saw, but in the end he could not conquer. His took the fight right to X3D Fritz in this exciting first game and gained a substantial advantage. The machine defended precisely and then battled back at the first opportunity. X3D Fritz gained enough play to force a draw, an offer that Kasparov could not refuse.
I managed to watch a big chunk of this game on ESPN2 yesterday. It's extremely rare to have chess matches shown live on TV. They did a good job making this interesting to watch. Errr.... interesting to a strategy gaming geek, I suppose. Next match is schedule for 1 pm EST on Thursday. I'll be setting my Snapstream to record that one! HEY! I can do that ONLINE!

UPDATE: WOW! That took 2 mintues to log in and set the computer to record all of the future episodes! That is waaaaaay cool. Almost as cool as the Warhammer 40k mod for Rise of Nations.

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