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Friday, November 14, 2003

Patch 3 - list of balance changes and their potential impact
Here's the change list:

General fixes
  • Balance fix to Barks and Triremes

  • Transport ships no longer receive +2 speed bonus from military bonus

  • Scout line more likely to attack spies

  • Can't upgrade to Commandos until Industrial Age now

  • Helicopter bonus vs. tanks has been reduced

  • Mobile AA units have range increased

  • Siege and supply can now garrison in forts and cities. All other ground military units may garrison in any military producing building

  • Units more effective against units three or more ages below
Nation fixes:
  • Mongols now get two free Horse Archers when building stables with two military techs, and three at three military techs

  • Mayan reduced timber costs for buildings no longer applies to military buildings

  • Nubian rare resource bonus applies only in their own territory and not that of their allies

  • Romans now get +15 wealth per city instead of +10

  • Koreans no longer get free Taxation
Other balance changes:
  • Moderate difficulty now easier

  • Players now have the ability to declare war on nations that have resigned, and thereby take control of resigned nations' land

  • Fixed exploit of Supercollider allowing instant razing of buildings

  • Exploit fixed for Nubian buy/sell to gain wealth
  • Spies - CI is now "automatic." However, since CI still reduces craft, one scout scout can only take out 2 spies. You would still need several scouts to prevent spy spam. Also, they need to be in range. Scouts in back won't use CI on bribing spies unless they come within range. Good use for spies now is to ambush flanking cavalry. Or to sneak around and bribe artillery. Sending a scout with spies so you can see invisible scouts might also be worthwile.

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