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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Promotion Committee of Armageddon
This won't be very useful unless you happen to read Japanese, but the Japanese powerhouse PCA clan has a pretty good website. How do I know it's good? Why they linked to me, of course! It shows they have excellent taste. Just kidding. It's actually a blog similar to mine, but maintained by PCA_Frogman, which many of you will recognize as being the #1 RON player -- according to O4BRank that is. Anyway, if you couldn't glean it from the title, PCA stands for Promotion Committee of Armageddon. There's some pretty good strategy stuff there if you can dig it out from the bad translation. Key takeaway is their general preference for cavalry and archers.

こんにちは from the USA!
(Looks better in unicode)

UPDATE: What? You don't read Japanese?! Try this translated link.

UPDATE 2: If you're trying to view PCA recorded games, translated links apparently won't allow downloads to work. You'll have to manually parse the links to get them to work. You can view the code for links I've already created to get the right syntax.

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