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Saturday, November 29, 2003

When to research taxation
On the Rise of Nations Heaven Forum, jedianakinsolo asks a great question: When to research taxation?
When is a good time to do it? I usually research it about early medieval. But I'm trying to squeeze it in before classical so I can have that much more gold for the knowlege boom.
For the immediate growth in wealth income, it's not worth it. It's usually better to build another market, until you have more territory. However... it also improves your income from rare resources. Which could be a pretty big deal depending on how many you have. So yea, get it as soon as you can afford it.

On the other hand, you don't want it to slow down your raiding when you are playing 1on1. So, do not get it before classical, and do not get it before researching MIL2 and putting up a stable. After that, you can afford the food because horse archers don't need it.

HL points out that it's not good to be predictable, so sometimes you'll want to skip the raiding.

He's right of course. Don't be predictable. Not every game involves raiding. However, I have yet to see someone raid effectively and lose the game. So if I were teaching someone to play, or giving someone advice, I'd say it's better to raid than to get taxation. In general.

UPDATE: Be sure and check out the comments. El_Capitan has posted some good stuff.

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