Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Friday, December 05, 2003

El_Capitan's SCI1 MIL1 ancient rush strategy
EC posted his Ancient Age Heavy Infantry technique
Queue up 3 villies, put them on timber. While doing that, research Sci 1 and then Mil 1. The 3rd villie that is queued, don't put him on timber, but have him move towards the furthest area in your land to build your barracks when your timber reaches 120. With your scout, scout the nearest corner (don't pick up any ruins yet!). When you build your barracks, then pick up a ruin. Then build 2 farms, and queue up 2 more villies or however many until you have 5 farms and at least 5 villies on timber.


Just about everyone I've played, I've pretty much rushed. I've certainly won more than I lost (but lost more than I won vs. good players), but finding out their strengths and weaknesses will come in handy for future games.
There's a lot more so read the whole thing.

When I picked up playing more frequently on-line, I used to rush just about every single game. Even against Mayan, and I definitely won more than I lost. Losing was rare. Nowadays, I prefer to keep my options open. I'm better at the economy management anyway and it's easier to discover and defend a rush than it is to pull off a surprise rush.

Anyway it's nice to have independent corroboration that rushing is viable, given the arguments that occurred not too long ago with "experts" saying rushing was not viable against good players.

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