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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

El_Capitan's Tip of the Week
EC has posted his inaugural Tip of the Week at RON Heaven.
The biggest flaw I see from all players, from beginner to expert, is that they never seem to trade at the market. I'll see players have over 1,000 Food accumulating, and they're not spending it, when they can sell it to buy another resource, or make scholars with that wealth! So, the tip for this week is...

Be sure to read the whole the thing.

HL even stopped by to give his two cents.

My contribution for all you newbies out there is to ensure you've opened the tab at the top left of your screen that shows the current market prices. By clicking on the boxes you can quickly buy and sell resources without leaving the battle area. You can also SHIFT+click which buys and sells 5x the normal amount. Having the window up also lets you see how the market is moving, so you might wait to let it go up or down to try and time your buys and sells.

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