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Monday, December 15, 2003

OT: Bad strategy = Surprise Survivor result
Coming down to the final two, I would have expected Lill to beat Sandra in a head-to-head vote. However, it probably would have been smarter for her to instead pick Johnny Rotten. Her dislike of him took over, though, and she picked Sandra instead. But instead of winning the vote, it was a landslide the other way 6-1 and Sandra won the $1,000,000. At the reunion show, Probst asked the jury members how they would have voted if had been Lill-Johnny. 4-3 in Lill's favor. Oh well. She says she doesn't regret her decision -- but what else is she gonna say? "You're right, Jeff, I am soooo stupid." Probst pointed out an interesting statistic. In 7 Survivor seasons, the winner of of the final immunity challenge has lost the game 5 times. That's a pretty compelling statisitc given that the winner gets to choose who they'll go into the final with. So why does the immunity winner have such trouble?

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