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Thursday, December 11, 2003

OT: Survivor strategy
Okay, Survivor is off topic, but not entirely. It's now down to the Final 4: Sandra, Darrah, Lil, and Johnny Rotten. It looks like Rotten will be the next to go... or will he? Lil knows she's really playing for 3rd with the other two girls -- no one wants to go to the Final 2 against her. So there is the tiniest of opening for Jonny Rotten to eel his way through.

But now we're down to the endgame, and all the players have to be thinking their endgame strategies. This is where Richard Hatch was way ahead of everyone else. Remember how he purposely lost the immunity challenge because both of the other players would have to pick him?

So, of the 4, who should each of them want to be paired with in the Final 2? e.g., Lil might be okay paired with anyone, but she'd likely get Burton's vote if Rotten were not one of them. Besides, Rotten probably won't vote for Sandra, so there's another vote at least. On the other hand, Darrah probably loses in a vote with Lil and Sandra-Darrah looks like it could be a toss up, so her best alternative is having Darrah-Johnny. One bad thing about "flying under the radar" is that some of the other players might not think you "deserved" to win it.

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