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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Taxation -- how does it really work?
WhiskeyPete asks an "easy" question about taxation.
The temple upgrade taxation at classical gives you merchant bonus of 120%. Does this apply to both the resource gathering and "special" ability?
HL states/asks (you decide) an even more interesting question.
... taxation increases resources gathered from fishing?
I'm pretty sure that taxation increases ONLY the wealth component of fishing and that granary upgrades ONLY increase the food component of fishing. Examples:

Fishing is 10F/ 10W. After first granary upgrade (+50%) it should be +15F/+10W. After first Taxation upgrade (+20%) it should be +10F/+12W. After both upgrades it should be +15F/+12W. When both upgrades are maxed, I would expect it to be +30F/+30W.
I can't currently confirm this, but I'll check it later.

I think the Nubian bonus to rares applies in this manner also. So Nubian base fishing is +10F/+15W. The +10 food acts the same as a farm, so no extra bonus. The wealth acts as a rare, so you get the extra rare bonus. I think.

UPDATE: Nubians do not receive any kind of bonus from fishing.

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