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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Big Huge Army Competition: O4B update
So far I've gotten 63 units using the British, which is the most of the so far posted films. This is a far cry from what is possible though given the lazy way I played all my runs (e.g., I had 64 but forgot to hit GP even though I had well more than enough food and knowledge). I estimate a winning score will have over 70 units. But that's just me.

For those detractors who say this isn't worth it because it's not realistic are dreaming. This is completely possible in any normal team game. My strategy for this competition has not been any different than normal team play, except I make less scholars and stop booming when I reach my target econ. Other than that, it's business as usual. If I got hit with a GP army like this at the 15:00 mark, I'd probably crap my pants. I might be in Enlightenment Age, but I'd still probably crap my pants.

For players who want to attack in a certain age with a certain set of units, there's no reason to waste resources on extra scholars or research other than that which is critical to reach your targets. After that, you start attacking and more than likely will completely overwhelm an unready opponent. Or even an opponent who thought he was ready, but had configured his econ for a longer term game, and therefore wasn't expecting 70+ units.

UPDATE: Then again, I'm having trouble replicating my results. Maybe I got lucky and had some nice rares. I hope I saved that film ...

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