Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Big Huge Army competition sponsored by BHG!
In case you missed it, the boys at AU have officially commenced the competition. The Goal: To produce as many military units as possible in 15 minutes. And they got a sponsor now!
1st Prize: Copy of Rise of Nations signed by Brian Reynolds, a RoN T-shirt and bragging rights.
2nd Prize: Copy of Rise of Nations signed by Brian Reynolds.
3rd Prize: RoN T-shirt.
One unexpected drawback that I find troubling: NO TERRA COTTA ARMY. Well, why the heck not? Is Terra Cotta that unstoppable that an all out blitz for military dominance can't even beat it? Wouldn't this be a Great Opportunity to really test the value of the TCA?

Let's hope AU returns to their senses and allows use of the TCA. I mean really. It takes a LOT of resources to make it, and the earliest it can be done is Classical (probably finished at about 6:00+ or so with Egyptians), and what's the most units that could come out of it during the 15 minute period? Like 18? Strategy Development should be unrestricted. This was the the goal right?
It is our hope this competition will give rise to new and innovative military strategies as the race for the most formidable force develops.
UPDATE: ROFL. I just read the "anti-sniping" rule:
From Sunday 29th of February a week is then given to all current participants to challenge the winning entry. If at the end of that week there is a new winner a new challenge period begins each Sunday for a week until we have an undisputed winner.
This is a common auction technique to reduce the value a "last minute" bid would have. Fortunately, one week is way too long for snipers. The point is this: normally a wise strategy for this type of contest is to NOT post your result until the absolute last minute so that other players cannot copy you and leapfrog ahead. So what this means is that people have ALL WEEK to try out your posted technique and make it even more efficient. So don't bother keeping your "secrets" in the dark - they will all come out in the end. Post your results as you obtain them.

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