Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Don't underestimate those Aztecs
I played a game with wacky settings last night. It was end age is Medieval. I was Chinese and ended up fighting my nearby Aztec opponent. While I had started my attack in Medieval and he was in Classical, he soon made Medieval and msot of the fighting occurred during that age. I must say, that I had a deuce of a time bringing him down. While I didn't realize it at the time, he kept spamming new barracks and making tons of troops. I was killing him faster than he was making them, but those new barracks kept giving him new life. The resources he was getting from killing MY guys also kept him in the game. I never did completely wipe him out as his booming Mayan ally came to save him at the end, although I was going to destroy his town eventually. I should point out that his Mayan ally was furiously building towers in the Aztec base, so that DID slow me down some, but I was still surprised at the level of resistance.

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