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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Flame on!
There's an argument going on at MFO over the validity of the BHA Competition. The negative comments got me pissed off enough that I felt compelled to retort:

All you n00bs forget that MFO was originally founded on the FAST CASTLE competition. The goal of this contest was to build a castle in the fastest time possible. Regardless that the economy was worthless, or the techniques unusable in real games (e.g., herding deer with the scout), the contest is what really started MFO and putit on the map. So you MOFOs have an OBLIGATION to support this kind of thing. If for no other reason than to show proper respect to MFO.

BTW, the winner, Cptn_Kidd, went on to work for ES in the QA department, partly due to his success at this contest.

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