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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Game theory in action
For those of you who don't travel and don't care about strategy games, this won't interest you. But there is a diplomatic flap between the U.S. and Brazil that has been brewing over traveler security. The story appears in Yahoo (might become unavailable). Brazil Fingerprints U.S. Visitors, Ignores Rio Ruling.
The United States on Jan. 5 started fingerprinting and photographing visitors, including Brazilians, who need visas to enter the country as part of anti-terrorism controls. The system exempts citizens of 27 mainly European nations who do not need visas for short trips. In retaliation, a Brazilian judge ordered the fingerprinting of U.S. visitors.
U.S. officials call this discriminatory, but Brazil is just using the basic and highly successful Tit for Tat strategy. You can read more about Tit for Tat here.

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