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Friday, January 23, 2004

Gunpowder army test
Posted by biodegradeablefish, there is going to be a little competition to achieve the largest Gunpowder army in 15 minutes.
AU are running a competition shortly in which the goal is to create the largest possible army in 15 minutes. The results of this will put your army into perspective for these nimrods I'm sure.

Just awaiting niDe's arrival back from his holidays (he being our admin and all) and I'll let you all know the prize details etc. If you want to start playing with the idea now... at 15 minutes you need to be in Gunpowder and with supply, a general, and a minimum of 25 units in order to qualify. Spies count as units. Any nation - no terra cotta army (made 54 units with Egypt playing with this idea it got a bit silly). All entries to be played one player only on a random land map of their choice with a fifteen minute timer. Recs to be labelled with player name.
They haven't worked all the details out yet, but stayed tuned and in the future check the AU clan site.

UPDATE: AU has posted the announcement on their website. Go here. Oh! And they got a sponsor now!

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