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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Help a veteran AOK player transition to RON
Phrederick asks the MFO forum to help him transition from AOK to RON.
I used to be a pretty active AOK player, getting as high as 1750 or so rated. I just picked up RON, and the differences are pretty big. I've played 6-10 games, and I've got a few questions about strategy.

1. How many villagers are standard per age in a game that starts ancient and goes through to the end? My villie highs tend to be 60-70, which seems low coming from AOK, but I don't really seem to be running low on resources.

2. How do upgrade costs work? Is it different whether or not the previous upgrades were researched? What about numbers of units?
Read the whole thread to see how the MOFOs answer.

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