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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

How Honest Are You?
Take The Integrity Test!
2. Your next-door neighbor offers to hook you up with free cable television. Do you take the offer?
When in Boston, our landlord did this cable splitting business and we got free cable. Now I pay (through the nose) for it, but I still am tempted to hack my old satellite cards.
4. You move to a state where auto insurance is sky high. Do you keep your car registered at your old address?
I've thought about this one, but your insurance company can easily deny coverage if you move and don't report. Also, they'll bill you retroactively, so it's not worth it.

So I got 1 bad one out of 10. To be truthful, I'm not that honest, despite my best intentions; they just didn't ask the right questions. (e.g., Have you ever downloaded copyrighted material from the internet? What do you do when the vending machine kicks out an extra soda? What do you do when the Wal-Mart clerk rings up the wrong -- and lower -- price?)

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