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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

how to select injured units
Sea Biscuit tells us something new
It is very nice that BHG has provided for us a way to select injured units [Ed.: CTRL+HOME]. I just learned tonight that you can select only the 'reds' to garrison and not just the red and yellow.
Basically, you just hit CTRL+HOME again, and it deselects the yellow ones. This is useful. Assuming it's true, it significantly reduces the micro required to send crippled units back for healing.

On that note, I've heard people say you can select injured units on screen and injured units in the current selection. If anyone has confirmation of that and knows which key combos those are (e.g., SHIFT+HOME or ALT+HOME ?), that would be great!

UPDATE: This doesn't seem to work for me. Hitting CTRL+HOME selects injured units. Hitting it again selects the SAME units. There must be something else required.

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