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Friday, January 30, 2004


My favorite commerical of all time!!!!

But first, there's a little story here. Back in 1990, I was just graduating from US Army Ranger School. My dad flew down from Seattle to attend my graduation. He also fixed up my car -- which had been sitting in the Ranger School lot for 3 months -- so we could both drive it back to Seattle. Having just gone through nearly 3 months of HELL, I was barely able to drive for more than 2 hours at a stretch. So he basically drove the entire way. We stopped in 2 places. Yukon, OK and Malibu, CA (Yes, we took the long way). Anyway, we didn't arrive home until the Monday following graduation. So we missed the Super Bowl! Drat.

Fortunately, my mother was kind enough to tape it. Well, we didn't miss much because the Super Bowl SUCKED. It was a boring game and a blow out as I recall. However, tucked away amongst the ads, was this wonderful gem. Directed by Ridley Scott (of Blade Runner, Alien, and Gladiator fame), it was an ad for the new Nissan 300ZX. I was floored. I watched it probably 20 times. Forget the game, this was priceless stuff. This ad was only aired once: during the Super Bowl. Plans for subsequent airings of a 30 second versions were scrapped when various highway safey organziations protested the ad and claimed it promoted unsafe driving. As if.

Anyway, time passed. The tape got erased. I cried. But ... I never forgot!

Enter The Internet. Where everything is ON DEMAND. Get it now. AdCritic.com came around and opened up the possibility of watching your favorite commercials. Cool. Hey, do they have that cool Z commercial? No? Darn.

Ever since then, on Yahoo! and Google, I've been searching:
nissan commercial
300zx commercial
ridley scott nissan ad
1990 super bowl ads
ads nissan
So I'm having this dream
ridley scott commercials
super bowl ridley scott nissan
You name it. I searched it. I've even other people mention the ad and ask for digital versions. But to no avail. This cinematic dynamo was not to be found.

Then I had an epiphany: "So I'm having this dream"

Then I found it! It was a crappy version, sure, but it gave me hope that better versions were out there. Sure enough, I found them. "Wifey!! Come here! Watch this!" So here it is:

My favorite commerical of all time!!!!

P.S. You may wonder what all the fuss was about. When you get older you remember the good years and reminisce about the things that made you happy. Looking back, maybe they weren't as great as you remember them, and maybe they are kind of goofy. But they are your memories, and they still make you happy. This is one of mine.

So I'm having this dream ...

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