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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Rethinking rethinking Bantu
I had posted in this Bantu thread that I thought Bantu might be viable for Diplo or FFA games: "One area where I have decided I might rethink Bantu is in those diplo or FFA games. Bantu has inherently more pop cap, which can be a factor. Colossus rarely survives more than a minute of combat, but with Bantu you can make bigger armies. And this is coming from a guy who usually ends up deleting ALL his scholars."

I hereby rethink that rethinking. I have too much trouble getting the Bantu economy off the ground. And the one thing the Bantu can do well (take lots of territory) is not something you want to do in FFA. Particularly since you are taking it with weak cities, you become a target for everyone else, since you end up pushing on them. (Russians take territory based on the inherent bonus so it's still dangerous to attack them.) But meanwhile, the rest of your economy lags the boomer civs and you end up slowly losing ground in the later ages. GRRR. I hate that.

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