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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Roman Classical Rush
Sicilian_Don posted his version of a Roman Classical Rush.
Sci1, fill up starting wood pit, scout for ruins (try to get wood ruins, you'll need it later)
Mil1, build 1 citizen
After you're done researching Mil1 have the citizen build a barracks. Now you have 1 HI. Start construction of a second barracks (you should have enough wood by now). Whille building that, start an HI at your first barracks. You now have 3 HI. Next build 1 HI at each barracks. After they're done, head for the enemy capital and attack. If you want, you can try to upgrade to Classical en route so you can upgrade your troops to Legions when they get to the capitol.
I think he's looking for some criticism. In fact he said: "If any of the experts here can test this out and improve it (or show me that it sucks), I would greatly appreciate it."

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