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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

RON Quiz Game
El_Capitan posted this game against my1000 over at RON Universe.
My opponent, my1000 is unknown to me, but has an amazing amount of games played. He has an unusual style and it seems like it can be pretty effective. If he would have used more resources that he had, he should have won that game. The Spanish are the counter Nation to the Mongols. I decide to do the Mongol Rush/Raid, and it fails horribly due to his preparation defense. Plus any rush strat in Great Lakes is usually a bad idea. He had access to 2 Great Lakes while I had a pond with no fish. In doing my Mongol Rush/Raid strat, my borders could not reach any fishing areas since I would be really late in making my 2nd City. Even though I'm down economically, I still continue to press my attack. In all fairness, I should have lost this game... but it's a fun one to watch.
EC then asks:

Can anyone point out my1000's mistakes and what he should have done?

Well, can you?

UPDATE: Here's my input. Watch out for players rated more than 300 points above you.

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