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Monday, January 12, 2004

Speaking of Computer Games: Manhunt
I had the opportunity to play through the latest PS2 game from Rockstar: Manhunt. This has to be the most gratuitously violent game I've ever seen. Or played. You play the role of James Earl Cash, a convicted felon who is sentenced to death. However, instead of being executed, you are shuffled off to star in a series of "snuff films" directed by a mysterious man named Starkweather. In each "scene" you are expected to follow his directorial advice as you survive attacks by gangs of "hunters." Face-to-face combat generally gets you whacked, so you are forced to skulk through the shadows and perform "executions" on unwary hunters. These are generally pretty grisly, and can range from normal, violent, or gruesome. To unlock the games bonus features, you are encouraged to perform as many gruesome executions as you can as quickly as you can.

This game falls in the genre of the stealth game. It's okay, but I preferred Thief and the the elegant Oni (also published by Rockstar, but developed by Bungie) over this.

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