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Monday, January 12, 2004

SPOTLIGHT Game: niDe vs nydar
We havene't had a spotlight game for quite awhile, but this game niDe linked me to is a worthy entry. In this game he plays Spanish against nydar's Maya on African Watering Hole. He does a typically SCI2 start, but also goes for an early CIV2 rather than raiding. He gets a huge territory lead and owns the middle lake for most of the game. His early ruin bonus gives him an economic lead that he never relinquishes and he wins a territory victory in pretty diominating fashion.

However, what makes the game SPOTLIGHT-worthy is the serious micro activity on the part of both players. Both of them used spies, commandos, and generals to great effect and you can see excellent use of scouting, sniping, and ambush. This is the stuff that separates the men from the boys.

niDe raids with a general and keeps his troops in ambush until the carvans approach, then he slughters them. nydar uses his general and ambush to get cavalry close to niDe's cannons before unloading on them. Later on niDe uses ambush to protect his cannons while they bombard a Mayan city. niDe also slips a spy in the rear to convert one of nydar's generals who was hanging around back. He also positions an early scout to spy on nydar's carvans, enabling him to raid them at will.

One note on strategy: even though going an early CIV2 might slow you down economically, it pays off in the end as your third city is very close to the enemy economy center of gravity. This enables you to keep the battle focused in his area of the map, rather than worrying about your area. GG guys.

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