Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Strategy Corner
In the Strategy corner thread, El_Capitan ranks his version of the Top 12 rushing nations.
I'd have to rate my rushing nations:

1. Japanese (Kamikaze Rushing or Delayed Power Rushing)
2. Romans (Kamikaze Rushing or Delayed Power Rushing)
3. Spanish (Kamikaze Rushing or Delayed Power Rushing)
4. Koreans (Delayed Power Rushing with Militia)
5. Mongols (Mongol Raid/Rush or Delayed Power Rushing)
6. French (100 Siege Rushing)
7. Bantu (Kamikaze Rushing)
8. Germans (Kamikaze or Delayed Power Rushing)
9. Aztecs (Kamikaze Rushing)
10. Turks (100 Siege Rushing)
11. Maya (Kamikaze Rushing)
12. Greeks (Kamikaze Rushing)
EC, forgive my ignorance, but why would Greeks be #12 with a kamikaze rush? What do Greeks have that enables them to do anything more than what any other sucky rushing nation can do, e.g., Russians.

Also, British can perform a nasty +125 ancient Expansion Rush. Where would you rank that?

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